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PECTROTECH NIG LTD Corporate Profile

PECTROTECH NIG LTD Corporate Profile is targeted at showcasing our professional competence and capabilities in the area of stone coated metal roofing tiles and building materials.


(Designing and implementing according to client patterns)
At PECTROTECH NIG LIMITED we are very proud of our high quality roofing materials, so it’s important we give you the customer service to match.
Whatever your project size, your satisfaction with our products and services is of utmost importance and we will give all the support you require, from planning to post installation after support services. We offer you above Fifty Years warranty minimum and your long lasting satisfaction. If you have any question about our products, fell free to contact us regardless of you project development stages. We can offer free no-obligation estimates and send our representatives to your project site to share technical know – how or other advice at any stage of developments.

Installation on site is done with our experts well trained technician to get the proper fixing of the tile to avoid leakage and to get the good finishes. The large sheets are simply locked into place and nailed to the roof patterns, ultilizing a dry free cross nail system that provide that unsurpassed security and continues to keep on save to a minimum.

PECTROTECH Stone coated metal roofing tiles may be shaped, cut or formed to suit each individual roof design and can be easily accommodate accessories such as, Angle ridges, valley gutters, treated nails, repair kits, sun breaker or vent and batch board cover with facial covers.


We pride ourselves in providing the best possible service. We excel in creating long-term and successful projects with strong client relationships.